Isaac Weiss

Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Isaac! I'm an Auburn University graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science with a Business concentration and a French minor. I'm extremely passionate about software engineering, with experience in web development using the .NET ecosystem. I'm familiar with back-end (SSMS, SQL), middleware (.NET, C#), and front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) tools, among others.

Work Experience

Campus Web Solutions Full-Stack Web Developer


Full-stack co-op at a web development firm specializing in developing robust web applications for Auburn University.

  • Designed, developed, and maintained 30+ of Auburn University's most used web applications using strict coding regulations and security practices, including AU's Vaccine and Pharmacy Scheduler, AU's Board of Trustees Voting System, and AU's Event Ticketing System.
  • Leveraged an array of web development tools including HTML, CSS, .NET Framework, jQuery, C#, Visual Studio, and SSMS to create dynamic and robust digital solutions.
  • Assumed mentorship role, providing hands-on learning, conducting live practice sessions, and authoring a comprehensive web development guide to nurture and guide newer co-ops.
  • Actively participated in client meetings, effectively communicating technical concepts, and proposing innovative ideas that garnered client approval.
  • Implemented agile development methodologies to streamline project workflows, tracking and managing 100+ deliverables with precision using Jira, resulting in timely project completions.
  • Prioritized mobile responsiveness, crafting applications that seamlessly adapt across diverse devices. Conducted comprehensive runtime analyses and eliminating performance bottlenecks.
  • Led the end-to-end redesign and development initiative for the Auburn University Vice President of Research's site pages (, creating a dynamic backend system empowering the client to effortlessly update and manage content.

Université de Toulon Exchange Student


Immersed deeply in the local culture while honing language proficiency. Committed to intensive language learning and fostering cross-cultural understanding, contributing to a rich and diverse global perspective.

Auburn University ACM Hackathon Logistics Coordinator


Successfully managed scheduling, room assignments, vendor communication, and more for months leading up to the event. During the event, ensured seamless execution of tasks such as coordinating food services and providing real-time support to participants, contributing to the success of a memorable and impactful Hackathon.

Publix Front Service Clerk


Efficiently processed customer transactions as cashier and bagger while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor, contributing to a positive brand image.

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Featured Projects

University Event Ticketing

Auburn University Event Ticketing is Auburn University’s primary strategy for adding, tracking, and sending tickets and parking passes (records) between departments, for use with any event. Department administrators are allowed to add records to the system, upload from a spreadsheet, edit record fields (type, price, etc.), and charge a user based on that records’ price. Users are also able to send, accept, and deny records sent from other units, while being able to see an audit trail for each individual record.

Led development of the Reports Hub, viewable by anyone with site access. These included Ticket Reports and Parking Reports, which were able to be filtered down by date, type, unit, etc. and downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet. Also developed the Event Details report which included all records for a specific event, and the User Report which listed everyone who had site access and their privileges in an easy-to-read table. Also developed the feature to bulk edit tickets and parking passes. Worked on other miscellanous site-wide features and bug fixes.

Pharmacy Scheduler and Healthy Tigers

Pharmacy Scheduler is Auburn University’s COVID Testing and Vaccination strategy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacy Scheduler is an appointment management system for Auburn students, faculty, staff, and since it is public-facing, community members as well. Admin have the ability to create, edit, and delete clinical events that appointments may be scheduled for. Admin also have the ability to manually add appointments, edit email templates for different appointment situations, and send emails for missed appointments.

Healthy Tigers is Auburn University’s employee wellness program. Through Healthy Tigers, Auburn employees and their spouses can schedule health screening appointments to earn an insurance premium discount. Healthy Tigers initally began as a part of Pharmacy Scheduler, but was later split into its own project. Healthy Tigers communicates with the Auburn employee/spouses’ insurance information to autofill certain fields when creating appointments. I developed new features and bug fixes for Releases 5 through 11 in both projects.

Office of the Vice President of Research Home Page

The Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR) asked Campus Web Solutions to completely redesign their home page from the ground up. On the new OVPR home page, there are eight sections that include cards with photos and text, buttons with modal slideouts, Twitter feeds, Youtube videos, and navigation cards. Admins who visit the page may be able to edit, create, or delete any of the editable pictures cards on the site (able to change text or picture).

Designed and developed the entire redesign of a new OVPR Home Page (Office of the Vice President of Research), creating both the user and admin views. The entire page is dynamic, not requiring any reloading when a user wishes to edit title, image, or toggle visibility of any of the page's content. The page is also responsive, scaling appropiately for screens of any size.


Auburn University

Auburn, AL August 2019 - December 2023
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering GPA: 3.97/4.00
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Concentration: Business Minor: French
Dean's List: All Semesters ACM Hackathon Logistics Coordinator French Club Treasurer
Spirit of Auburn Presidential Scholarship Bonnie Arnall Scholarship ADTRAN Scholarship

Auburn High School

Auburn, AL August 2016 - May 2019
Diploma, May 2019 GPA: 4.20/4.00
AP Scholar with Distinction National Honor Society